Penny started PBA in 1990 in response to a need within client organisations for a consultancy that enables business transformation and positive business results.

Prior to setting up her business Penny worked globally for 15 years in Sales, Leadership and Business Development. In the latter years she focused very heavily on Personal Development training.

Penny Blake has sold for 30 years and still sells into many organisations so she brings current strategies with her. She has also worked in the Luxury arena for some years and has extensive experience in this field.

Penny and her team have expanded the business tenfold delivering extensive Soft Skills workshops around the world to a wide range of businesses/industries.
Even during times of economic challenges her business has grown based mainly on word of mouth together with defined R.O.I.

PBA has moved into the Global market delivering where required in local languages. More recently PBA has engaged with a number of internationally renowned luxury brands delivering bespoke sales training in this competitive market place.

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We meet the training needs of global organisations.

Our programmes are delivered with a passion and commitment that has become well known in the industry.