Luxury Sales Training

luxury sales training
luxury sales training
luxury sales training

We assist luxury brands to ensure they are customer driven – not just product driven. People buy from people – the product does not always sell itself!!!

The luxury consumer’s expectations are high. It is vital organisations invest in their most important asset – their people. The consumer walks in first for the product – they return for the sales associate and the service they experienced. Luxury stores need to be most welcoming to ensure everybody who enters feels that they will receive a privileged outstanding experience. We need to ask ourselves are we creating an emotional bond with our consumer to ensure brand loyalty. We never get a second chance to make a first impression!!

Every Moment of Truth needs to be managed and executed brilliantly! Anyone involved in looking after the consumer must be focused in ensuring every Touch Point is managed with passion and integrity! Attitude is key – without the right attitude the business will not grow.

The luxury market continues to change and your sales associates need to be able to adapt and modify their behaviour/style/ sales skills according to the needs of the consumer. PBA deliver training that is current, real, practical and produces positive results to your brand image and your bottom line!

Our Workshops include:

• Delivering outstanding service in the luxury arena
• Enhancing sales experience – the wow factor!
• Coaching in the live retail luxury environment


Horsham, UK


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We meet the training needs of global organisations.

Our programmes are delivered with a passion and commitment that has become well known in the industry.

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